Sara Wischnewski


I'll level with you. This character is me in 10th grade. She is akward, clumsy, and very much terrified of EVERYTHING, especially spiders. She loves crystals, ghosts and cats, and is deemed very weird by her classmates.

Sara is also a comic book artist, even though she's the only one who reads her comics. She writes a comic book called Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Around Here, in which she and her invented friends, Robbie, Terry and Jeremy fight against a gaggle of bad guys including Torture and Thriller.

She is always getting yelled at in class for drawing, and sincerely wishes that her comic were real so she could escape the monotony of high school and her lonely existence.

One day she finds a strange crystal and her life is changed forever.

Jeremy Patton


Jeremy Patton is one of Sara's comic book characters, brought to life through the power of a wish, but he doesn't know this fact.

While deep down, Jeremy is a good guy, the average passerby would not know this. He is often rash, angry, and violent and has a very bad temper. He is also very proud and cocky at times. There is a softer side to Jeremy Patton, but he seldom shows it. His two best friends, Robbie and Terry balance his personality nicely and are able to calm him down when he is angry. 2

Robbie Kobain


Robbie is another of Sara's comic book characters who has sprung to life due to the wishing power of the crystal. Robbie, like Jeremy and Terry, has no idea that he was wished into this world.

Robbie is a shy, caring and kind boy. Despite his shy and akward nature, he is very honorable, and he fights for his friends. He is loyal almost to a fault. While he is very much into heavy metal music and dresses like a headbanger, he's the cleanest cut metal head that you'd ever meet. He even washes his long golden locks with Pantene Shampoo three times a day, but that's a secret. ^_^

Terry Vedder


Also a comic book character of Sara's, and great friends with Robbie and Jeremy.

Terry Vedder is a goofball, in no uncertain terms. He lives in his own little world. He rides his skateboard everywhere and he never goes anywhere without his walkman. He also knows the lyrics to nearly every grunge and 80's song that exists.

There is one thing that Terry Vedder likes more than skateboarding and music, though, and that is girls. Terry would be what one would call a womanizer. He hits on anything that moves, and unfortunately, he gets turned down more often than not. This never bothers him, though, and he keeps on trying.



Torture is a treasure hunter and the villain in Sara's comic, Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Around Here. He wants the crystal that Sara wears around his neck and will stop at nothing to get it. Although Torture seems to have it together, he's nearly as inept, if not AS inept, as his giant of a partner, Thriller.



Torture's right hand man. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he makes up for all of that in strength. He is Torture's best friend and is very loyal to him.

Mr. Yuckley


Mr. Yuckley is Sara's 10th grade Algebra teacher. He has a burning passion for mathematics, and hates anything that would stray someone from "the path of math", as he so eloquently puts it. Sara constantly gets in trouble for drawing in his classes, and he vows that one day he will teach her to have a deep and meaningful understanding of all things math.

Bob and Jasper


These guys act as commentary throughout the comic. They were born out of a song that my friend Amanda St. Pierre wrote called "The Two Thingies On My Ceiling". Bob is the drunk one with the tongue and Jasper is the one with the bucked teeth. These guys are here to offer comic relief and little side notes for when I get distracted from the main story, which, not surprisingly, happens a lot! Expect to see these guys a lot, though! Oh, and by the way, I have no idea what they are supposed to be. Little pinkish blobby things I guess. All I know is that they live on ceilings and like to comment on my comics from time to time!

Jack Flannigan


Mysterious masked magician with long golden locks who makes his appearance in Magic Ian's Magixsravaganza. He is able to use many forms of magic, and with the help of his flute, he is able to use a powerful form of hypnotism. Flannigan is after the crystal, just like Torture is, but he isn't doing it for his own personal gain. He is doing it for his boss, Rapture. He has a lovely assistant named June Yolanda.

June Yolanda


June Yolanda is Jack Flannigan's assistant. She's shy, kind, and very beautiful. But why would a nice girl like this be mixed up with an evil man like Jack Flannigan? Let's just say that there's more to June Yolanda than meets the eye.

Boomer Fate


Son of Jeremiah Fate and a teacher at the Wish Fulfillment Agency. Boomer specializes in frights, scares and hauntings. Boomer is deployed to retrieve the crystal from Terry Vedder’s house as well.

Ardor Eggleby


An honorable ghost who wants nothing more than to retrieve the crystal.



Dream is a mysterious boy who appears to Sara when the crystal takes her over. He seems to have lost most of his memories, but he has an extensive knowledge about Sara’s crystal for some reason.

Lynn Wischnewski (My Mom)


All right, so my mom passed away back in 2005, which is very sad. I wasn’t going to include her in the comic, but I decided that I had to. My high school days would have been a lie if my mom wasn’t there being neurotic. The funny thing: My mom is hardly exaggerated at all in this comic. She actually was like this. If I needed to be at school at 8:30, she would wake me up at 5:30 so I wouldn’t be late. So, here I was at 6:00 am, completely ready for school and just sitting there wondering why I had been woken up so early. ^_^ 2

Thomas Wanglowski


Thomas Wanglowski is a cop and one of my comic characters.



Pie is a ghost who was sealed by the Wish Fulfillment Agency with a powerful prison seal. Jack enlists Pie’s help in obtaining the crystal. Pie is sent to Terry Vedder’s house to get the crystal back. Pie hates humans and loves to strike fear into the hearts of everyone he meets.

Ribbon (Slave)


Small ghost who follows Pie around. She seems terribly sad all the time. Pie calls her “Slave”, but the other ghosts call her Ribbon because of the pink ribbon tied around her head. Ribbon cannot speak.

Grandma Vedder


Grandmother of Terry who is his legal guardian while his parents are traveling the globe hunting Ghosts. Grandma Vedder was also a Ghost Hunter when she was younger, but she has since retired. She now spends her time playing the slots. She is a bit of an anachronism, because gambling wasn’t legal in Pennsylvania in 1993. I won’t tell if you don’t. :P



Son of the demon Rapture. Haden is cocky, overconfident and acts very much like a child. Despite his childishness, he is a terribly evil demon who wants nothing more than to find his dad so his dad can destroy the world.



Harley is Haden’s brother. He’s the older of the two demons, and it shows. Harley says very little, but is ten thousand times more evil and dangerous than his younger brother.

Hillary Firebrand


Mysterious little girl who lives in the Ruby Woods with her best friend, Phoenix.

Phoenix Firebrand


Hillary’s best friend in the entire world. Only problem: Phoenix is a stuffed animal. While Phoenix sometimes appears to hear what Hillary says, she is, in fact, just fabric and stuffing when you get right down to it!

Billy Badden


If you look up the definition of “bully” in the dictionary, Billy Badden’s picture would be right there. Jeremy knew Billy when he was in grade school. He is a year older than Jeremy, but was held back a grade. Billy smokes and drinks regularly at the tender age of 11, as his parents don’t really care what he’s doing. He picks on Jeremy terribly until the incident that occurred in the Ruby Woods.

Peter "Peanut" Nottingham


Peanut is nothing more than Billy Badden’s lackey. Follows Billy around without a thought of his own and does whatever Billy tells him to do.

Gunnar Ren


Gunnar is Sonnet’s partner, and the two are as different as night and day. Gunnar is rough around the edges, unrefined, and although he seems like he is the more timid of the two, he’s got much more sense. Gunnar questions everything, and this gets him in trouble all the time with his superiors.

Sonnet Apostle


Very proper woman who is a Crystal Warrior at the Wish Fulfillment Agency’s Department of Dismantling. She is very serious and values completing her orders more than anything else in the entire world. She seldom stops to think if what she’s doing is right or wrong.

Stephen Angel


Angel is the head of the Department of Dismantling at the Wish Fulfillment Agency. He is the boss of Sonnet and Gunnar. His duties are to take apart wishes when they are either mistakes or when they have run their course. Lately, however, Stephen seems different somehow…

Jeremiah Fate


A kind man who is the head of the Wish Fulfillment Agency. He is also the father of Boomer, the ghost Sara and the others met in the "All my Friends Are Ghosts" story arc.



Mysterious boy who meets up with Sara at the Wish Fulfillment Agency’s Department of Dismantling. His only friend is a pet spider named Paul. Jamison has no memory of his past and believes that only Stephen Angel holds the key to unlocking it.



Rapture is a legendary demon from the land of Hellvetica, which lies just beyond the dark crystal cave. Rapture busted out many years ago and wreaked havoc on the world. He was stopped by the very first wish severer. Years later, he returned, but by this time, the agency was ready for him, and he was quickly taken care of (again). Now it would appear that he is back, his soul trapped in one of Sara’s characters!



Just a random ghost that works for Jeremiah and the Wish Fulfillment Agency. I wanted to include Baptiste, because before Pie was created, Baptiste was the bad guy of that comic. I didn’t want to throw him out completely, so I kept him on as an employee of the Wish Fulfillment Agency.

Heather Ian


Heather Ian is Jeremy Patton’s girlfriend. Well, she was. Heather Ian passed away in a terrible fire when Jeremy and Heather were only ten years old.